All Washing Machines Need This Product At Least Once Per Month

All Washing Machines Need This Product At Least Once Per Month

Are you looking for a miracle product to clean your washing machine without having to put much effort into it? Good news, white vinegar is the solution. It can be used as detergent, it can get rid of limescale in your kettle, it can treat pipes, and it also has benefits for your laundry. Watch our video to learn more! 

Throwing in 125ml of white vinegar before launching your machine will allow you to preserve the colours of your clothes and it will also improve the performance of your detergent. Therefore, don't hesitate to pour some white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment of your machine.

One of the numerous advantages of white vinegar is that it is much more eco-friendly than traditional fabric softeners. It will also both get rid of soap scum that has built up in your machine and it protects the pipes.

White vinegar will also stop powder detergents from leaving traces on your clothes which can be irritating to sensitive skin. Plus, it will get rid of any lingering cigarette odour.

If your clothes have tough stains then put them in a bucket of hot water overnight with one cup of white vinegar. After, wash them as normal and the stains will disappear. It's useful for animal fur and soft toys too. White vinegar will also get rid of static electricity on your clothes. 

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Regular use of white vinegar will be good for your skin, your laundry, your washing machine, and your pipes. Pretty good for a natural product right?

Check out the video above for more... 

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