When She Read Her Daughter's Letter To Father Christmas, She Burst Into Tears

For children all over the world, it’s time to write their letters to Father Christmas. Little Bobbie-Mae Chalk is no exception, and in her letter the little girl made a surprising request.

Bobbie-Mae Chalk is an 11-year-old British girl. She comes from Southampton on the South coast of England. When she wrote to Father Christmas, she didn’t want to ask for toys like all the other children her age. Here’s her letter:

Dear Santa Claus, please make sure my mum’s life gets better and that she isn’t ill all the time, I would really appreciate it…It’s hard to see her suffer, if I had one wish it would be to help her.”

The letter touched Facebook users

Her mum, Debbie, has suffered from Crohn’s disease (a chronic inflammatory illness of the digestive system) since 2006. When she found out about her daughter’s letter, Debbie was very moved. She was so proud of her little girl that she wanted to share the letter on her Facebook page.

Under the photo of the letter, we can read this moving caption from Debbie: “My daughter gave me this letter to send to Father Christmas last night, and I thought I should share it with you…I thought I hid my illness well from her, but nothing escapes her. I love it.” The photo has received 7400 ‘likes’ and has been shared over 700 times. The little girl and her mother have received many messages of support from internet users.

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