This Woman Knits Jumpers For Greyhounds So They Can Have The Best Christmas

Jan Brown is a 52-year-old Briton who decided to leave everything behind and devote herself to a new job. She knits sweaters and hats full of love for abandoned greyhounds. She also wanted to start her knitting business to sell her greyhound jumpers.

Greyhounds are racing dogs. When they fail or are less successful, many of them are abandoned or killed. The number of those that are killed every year could be around the tens of thousands.

Abandoned greyhounds

Jan has four greyhounds and a German shepherd in her household. She loves animals and especially dogs. It was the abandoned greyhounds that moved her. She decided to do her best to bring warmth and comfort by making them jumpers.

Jumpers for the winter holidays

Jan first came up with the idea of ​​putting her seamstress skills to the test by knitting sweaters for greyhounds, a breed that she particularly likes. Soon she realised that many were abandoned. She then decided to offer some of her greyhound jumpers in shelters for those awaiting adoption. On each sweater she sews a heart in honor of all the greyhounds that have not had the chance to be saved.

She chose to focus on greyhounds because: ‘Greyhounds have very thin fur and feel really cold during the winter. My donations help them stay warm during their walks,’ she said. As Christmas approached, she wanted to offer them a gift that will most likely be the only one they will receive around this time.

‘There is nothing I would rather do than knit woollen clothes for dogs,’ she told Metro newspaper. ‘I spent more than 4000 hours knitting, but it's worth it when I see them wearing their new coats and hats.’ she said.

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