So Much For Christmas Spirit: Our Favourite Holiday Songs Are Designed With One Goal

So Much For Christmas Spirit: Our Favourite Holiday Songs Are Designed With One Goal

According to a recent American study, all those Christmas songs you love aren't playing when you're out shopping because the stores want to spread the "holiday spirit".

Do you sing or listen to the Christmas songs that are so omnipresent at this time or year without giving them a second thought? You should think again, because they can actually have negative effects. Why? How? An American study conducted by Cloud Cover Music, a music streaming platform that specialises in the distribution of songs in businesses, has just proven that Christmas songs push consumers to shop more.

Santa Baby and Jingle Bells stuck in your head

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Turns out songs like ‘Santa Baby’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ have a beneficial effect on customers, who, by listening to them, buy more. Good news for the shops, right? This study conducted on 1,016 people helped to establish the favourite Christmas songs of American citizens. In the lead, we find without surprise Mariah Carey's ‘All I Want for Christmas is You.’ The rest of the top 3? ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.’

But beware, if these Christmas carols appeal to 60% of generation X's, 24% of Millennials are tired of them. And they are not necessarily wrong, according to another study, listening to too many Christmas songs can be bad for your health.

Well, I guess it turns out that music AND Christmas trees are dangerous... Thankfully we've still got Christmas decorations, right?

Just how bad can they be? Check out the video and find out more! 

Rob Mitchell
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