She Posted A Picture Of Her Christmas Tree Online And Was Hit With A Wave Of Abuse

Emma Tapping is a young mother who wanted to spoil her three children and the rest of her family for the holidays. But the photo of her Christmas tree covered with a mountain of gifts did not please Internet users who did not hesitate to insult and criticise the behaviour of the Brit.

This young mother created a scandal after publishing a photo of her Christmas tree on her Instagram account. Emma Tapping, 35, photographed the Christmas tree in her living room with a mountain of gifts. Covering almost the whole tree, these gifts are only for her three children.

A photo that goes against ‘the spirit of Christmas’

And it did not take more than a few days for users to share and comment on this peculiar photo. Among the 3800 ‘likes’ there are also nearly 2000 comments - and they are not necessarily positive. Indeed, Internet users expressed their regret that this young British mother shares this mountain of gifts while many people live in misery. So, some of them stated that ‘this [is] not the spirit of Christmas’ while others felt that her children would be accustomed to so many gifts and would not be ‘grateful in the years to come’.

‘It's a choice that belongs only to me’

Between the various insults and critics, Emma Tapping could still count on the support of others who advised her not to pay attention to these annoying comments and that she ‘could do [whatever] she wanted with [her] money!’ It is also with this point of view that the 35-year-old defended herself on the British version of Buzzfeed: ‘I think that the way I spend my money for my children is a choice that belongs only to me’. She also pointed out that she worked very hard so that her children's Christmas is magical and not lacking in anything. In addition, she said that this mountain of presents also includes gifts for her husband and mother-in-law.

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