Here's What To Do If You Find These Eggs On Your Christmas Tree

You may find these strange nuts on your Christmas tree. In this case, take them outside immediately.

There are people who prefer artificial trees and those who prefer the ones with ‘real’ needles. If you are from the latter, you may be dealing with a strange object whose origin you probably do not know.

If you find a kind of light brown nut hanging on a branch of your tree, do not leave it there. This nut holds around 100 to 200 praying mantis eggs, and leaving them inside would mean condemning them.

Daniel Reed has published a photo of the object in question on Facebook, in order to explain to Internet users what it really is and how to react: ‘We found two masses of eggs on our Christmas tree this year. Do not leave them in your house, where they will hatch and die of hunger!’

This piece of advice that has been particularly well received by the community, which has shared it more than 75,000 times since its publication. To avoid condemning them to death, they must be placed outside, preferably on a branch.

Indeed, by leaving them inside, the eggs hatch more quickly, which disrupts the process. In addition, insects may think that winter is overdue to heat and then come out of their hibernation cycle.

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