Get Festive With These Perfect Christmassy Nail Ideas

  • Choose a cute Christmas pattern that will match any outfit like this one.
  • How about a fancy ribbon design with sparkly red nails?
  • Paint each nail with different Christmas images (tree, snowman, reindeer, snowflakes).
  • How do you like these? Use white at the finger tips to resemble snow.
  • If you want an elegant look choose the colours gold and white.

Getting cute manicures for Christmas is a great way to start celebrating the joy of the festive season. Ohmymag brings you cute nail art designs that you can try to make your nails stand out this winter. 

These are our three top tips for festive nails:

1. Choose bright colours like red, white, green, or blue. If you want a subtle look, you can try using matte colours. 

2. Add glitter or metallic colours to the mix - it will help your nails stand out even more. Try using gold or silver on  some of your nails. 

3. Choose fun patterns like snowflakes, snowmen, or a Christmas tree. You will truly feel the spirit of Christmas with these nostalgic designs.  

Now scroll down for some gorgeous nail art inspiration! 

Will Armstrong
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