They Called Her 'Troll Doll' - But It Turns Out She Has An Incredibly Rare Syndrome

They Called Her 'Troll Doll' - But It Turns Out She Has An Incredibly Rare Syndrome

She was born with normal, black hair. A few months after birth, her hair got lighter and turned into the untameable hair it is now. People compare her to a troll doll but she's proud of her unusual hairdo...

When Wynter's parents noticed the change in their daughter's hair, they thought the little girl was just taking after her mother's curly hair. Actually, as the girl's hair became blonder, it also became more and more untameable.

So much so that they resorted to all kinds of products: hair straighteners for afro hair, combs of all types, shampoos, etc. Considering that many of those treatments to 'tame' Wynter's hair were very aggressive, they decided to surrender and simply accept that Wynter's hair couldn't be tamed.

As for Wynter, she is a very confident girl. Her mother says that the little girl enjoys the attention she gets because of her crazy mane. Wynter has accepted her hair and, at home, they embrace her disheveled appearance and even make jokes comparing her to Chucky or troll dolls.

Wynter can take the jokes and is the first to accept them and celebrate the uniqueness of her hair. However, what this family never suspected was that Wynter's hairstyle was due to a rare syndrome and not just a battle with the comb.

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Find out more in the video above - little Wynter's smile is bound to brighten your day!

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