The "W-Position": This Is Why It's So Dangerous For Children

Children like to twist in all directions and sit in all kinds of positions. While you may think that their skeleton is still ‘flexible’ and that this doesn’t have an impact on their health, this is wrong! Scientists recently warned parents about a particular position, which is called the ‘W Position’ after the shape made by the legs. It can be a real danger for a child, and here’s the reason why.

Children like to sit in positions that they deem the most comfortable but which can seem unnatural to us. Recently, some people noticed that a certain position could actually be very dangerous for a child’s health. It’s known as the ‘W position’, after the shape made by the legs when the child is sat down.

Slowed-down motor development

This sitting position is very common for children because of its seeming stability. Unfortunately, it also brings a certain number of problems with it which are worth studying. We’re talking here about orthopaedic problems, which can range from a development of poor posture and a generally poor bodily stability, through to a slowed-down development of motor skills.

A danger for the spine

This ‘W’ position exerts a high amount of pressure on a child’s knees and thighs, which causes the problems cited above. This position also has the effect of curving the child’s spine, which can also prove dangerous. So as you’ve probably realised, you should teach your children to sit properly; it’s in the interest of their health.

Take a look at the video above to learn more.

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