It's Been Proven, Children Who Do Housework Do Better In Life

While chores are never fun for children, getting them involved at home contributes to their success in life.

Many parents do not involve their children in household chores to help them focus on their school work. However, it turns out that children helping around the house is beneficial to their personal development. According to a recent Harvard study, professional success is linked to the household chores one did as a child. The sooner you give them responsibilities, the better! Making their bed, tidying their room, setting the table, helping with cooking meals... All of these tasks are easy for children to do and make them feel useful in the household.

Empower them

We're not asking to take them for your guinea pigs, far from it! But it teaches them to do things that we don't necessarily like to do in life. Raising children's awareness of the values ​​of collaboration and solidarity also means teaching them how to cooperate to succeed together. These notions will be very useful when they are adults, within a company or a group for example.

"By taking out the trash or washing dishes, children realize that, in life, they will have to work." Tidying up their room, making the bed, these are small tasks that a child can easily do. They can have a big impact on the adult they will be tomorrow. In giving them these chores, you show them that some work must be done, you teach them a sense of teamwork and cooperation," explains Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of the bestseller "How to raise an adult". By becoming more self-reliant, children will understand that we need to organise ourselves to spend time on the tasks we least appreciate, and will realize that it's not so bad!

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