Is Your Child Stubborn? According To A Study That Could Be Very Good News

Do you have trouble keeping control over your child? Don’t panic, let them express themselves, because your rebellious child will succeed in life!

If your child has a fiery temperament, and enjoys playing with your nerves because they are stubborn, just think about their future because they will be very successful!

The key to a successful life!

According to a study published in the American journal Development Psychology, being stubborn is very beneficial for your professional life. In any case, this is what psychologists have analysed over 40 years and 700 people, from 9 to 12 years to their adulthood. Scientists focused on the character of individuals during their pre-adolescence. They found that disobedient and stubborn teens were more likely to succeed in their professional careers because they had more confidence in themselves.

To reach this conclusion, psychologists carefully studied their character traits, such as patience, and whether they felt inferior or not. They also analysed whether they respected the rules. Thus, more tenacious people had a better job with a higher salary, compared to those who are more obedient and attentive.

Check out the video above for more on this fascinating study!

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