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Doctors Gave This Baby A 1% Chance Of Survival... What Happened Next Stunned Everyone

This newborn baby was suffering from one of the rarest illnesses in the world and the odds that he would survive were only 1%... but little Rowan surprised everyone!

A baby that comes into this world too early has to fight to survive. Their bodies haven’t completely formed yet, and the mortality rate for premature babies is higher. And for Rowan, it was even more dramatic. Not only was this little baby born two months early, but he was suffering from deadly bowel disease.

1% chance of survival

Rowan was born two months early as was reported by and that’s already quite dangerous. When babies are born this early, they actually can’t usually survive on their own.

And Rowan’s situation was even worse because he was suffering from a disease that was diagnosed as Necrotizing Enterocolitis. The youngster’s bowels didn’t work properly, and this is what made the odds that he would survive so slim.

Rowan's parents said their goodbyes

Rowan's parents were preparing themselves for their baby’s passing and were saying their goodbyes. His chances of surviving were only 1% - so slim!

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Then the unbelievable happened: Rowan beat the odds and after 207 days in the hospital, he’s finally been allowed to go home with his overjoyed family.

Take a look at the video above to see more of Rowan's incredible story.

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