Zombie Boy’s Tragic Final Message Before Committing Suicide

Zombie Boy’s Tragic Final Message Before Committing Suicide

Model Zombie Boy left his last message to his fans on social media before tragically dying.

Canadian model Rick Genest, also known as Zombie Boy, was found dead on 1st August 2018 in Montreal. Discovered at the age of 32 when he appeared in the music video ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga, the man covered in tattoos was found after he committed suicide following a fragile mental stability, reported the Police service from Montreal. Followed by thousands of fans on social media, he delivered his final enigmatic message before dying.

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In the post that included an image of the well from the horror film ‘The Ring’, Zombie Boy addressed Damballa, a voodoo spirit, with a poem entitled ‘The Well’. It was very spiritual and gave us an insight into the mental state of the young man before he died.

‘Io we howl upon stars hung above

we soul cast down the well of stone

as fire laid betwixt two fates

of most drear less dire straights

each breath cuts ice as flesh is weighed

in front of deaths old narrow gates

where bold and brazen last rites crate


Io heed our wish of madness

deep from of os

our prayers we kissed

so stern and cold

on metal shells

release by moonlight glow - Zombie Boy’


Anna Wilkins
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