You Can Soon Stay The Night On The Original Spice Girls’ Tour Bus

You Can Soon Stay The Night On The Original Spice Girls’ Tour Bus

With the Spice Girls tour coming in hot on our heels, we’ve found just the thing to SPICE UP YOUR LIFE.

It has reached media attention that a member of the public and self-proclaimed Spice Girls fan, has decided to renovate the original girl group tour bus from the movie Spice World and rent it out to the public on Airbnb. So why not have a look at the project and as for the Spice Girls, Viva Forever!

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The bus has been converted into a luxurious, three-bed accommodation and is flooded with movie references. Furthermore it will be parked in Wembley Park for dates that coincide with the Spice Girls tour dates. You can live the dream for a maximum of two days and the listing goes live at 8am on 22nd May.

While there may not be a toilet on board, or cooking facilities for that matter, it does however come with all the basic necessities, such as zebra-print flooring, srunchies and disco balls.

We hear the tour bus/Airbnb experience comes with its own set of Spice Girls approved criteria, click to the video to find out more!

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Teegan Wright
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