X Factor's Bradley Hunt claims to have been gay bashed at a Birmingham nightclub

28-year-old former X Factor star, Brantley Hunt, claims to have been attacked by two bouncers of a nightclub 'for being gay' as he tried to wash his hands.

Former X Factor contestant Bradley Hunt has taken to Instagram to reveal the homophobic attack he was subjected to at the hands of security staff from a nightclub in Birmingham.

Attacked by bouncers, dismissed by police

The 28-year-old recounts having been kicked several times as soon as he came out of a cubicle of the bathroom by two bouncers after one of them shouted 'Get out now, you queer.' He explains:

He dragged me, he then kicked me in the back, while the other one laughed and also kicked and then the other one kicked again. It was like three strong kicks made me go flying into the doorway.

After being snubbed by staff members when he tried to report the attack, he left the club to speak to police to demand justice, but was quickly dismissed and even ridiculed. He said:

I felt dismissed, I had just been kicked like that and I told a bouncer outside who didn't care. Everyone always gets away with homophobic abuse in my case.

'Obviously I was drunk, and I did retaliate'

To make matters worse for Hunt, in a drunken fit, he decided to retaliate by throwing a bottle at the sign outside of Rosie's nightclub only to be charged by officers and taken away to a police car. However, the reality TV star made it a point to clarify that he was not arrested but instead taken home, albeit ridiculed by the people who were supposed to help him. He explains:

Have you ever been beaten where they laugh like you are not even a person.

And added:

Obviously I was drunk, and I did retaliate. But throwing a bottle of water at the club sign is a small gesture considering the constant abuse I get.
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