‘We’re not friends’: Love Island’s Toby speaks out about his relationship with Hugo

Love Island runner-up Toby Aromolaran famously clashed with Hugo Hammond while in the villa—and it sounds like their friendship never got over it.

Love Islanders often like to remind us that it’s Love Island not Friend Island—and it’s just as well, since it looks like some of the friendships made on the show are very much over. While OG Love Island 2021 boys Hugo Hammond and Toby Aromolaran were good mates in the early weeks of the show, their friendship hit a bump in the road when Toby pied Chloe Burrows for new girl Abigail Rawlings.

'Not friends'

Hugo—who seems to have had a bit of a thing for Chloe himself—made some brutal digs at Toby in his recoupling speech and the pair went on to have a blazing row. And it seems that the pair still haven’t totally forgiven and forgotten. This week, Toby told The Mirror:

I’ve spoke to him just in passing comments and I think I've seen him once just passing by. It’s like we’re civil. We’re not friends, we’re not enemies, we’re civil.

In another interview with heatworld, Toby said:

You don’t get along with everyone in life, that’s how life works. Thirty odd people got thrown in the villa, you’re not gonna get along with all of them. I’d say 'Hi' to him, but I wouldn’t call him a close friend, you know.

That being said, he admitted he ‘appreciated’ the fact that Hugo saved Chloe at the recoupling as that allowed Toby to get back together with her after Casa Amor. Toby and Chloe are now a strong couple on the outside and set to move in together in Essex very soon.

What has Hugo said about Toby?

Back in August—while Toby was still in the villa—Hugo insisted that he wasn’t holding any grudges against Toby. He even showed his support for Chloby in an Instagram Q&A saying:

Genuinely if Chloe's happy and Toby's happy, I'm happy. Obviously, we had that... situation—but Toby is genuinely just a good mate of mine and I wanted him to do better and I think he's taken it on board. Team Chlo-by, let's get it!
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