This Is The Surprising Reason Madonna Wants To Leave Portugal

This Is The Surprising Reason Madonna Wants To Leave Portugal

The star had been living in Portugal since 2017, but it appears that Madonna doesn't exactly love the country. Discover the shocking reason why.

After living in Portugal for almost 3 years, Madonna has decided to leave the country to return to the United States. And for a very surprising reason. In fact, according to Portuguese newspaper L'Expresso, the 60-year-old singer was upset by a refusal to comply with a demand she made. While she is currently shooting the video for her single, Indian Summer, the star is said to have asked permission to enter the Quinta Nova de Assunçao - a 19th-century palace - with a horse.

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Her request was flatly denied by the mayor of the city who said "Some things cannot be bought. Under no circumstances can a horse be allowed to enter the palace. That makes no sense! Madonna is an artist, but the palace belongs to everyone, and should not be damaged."

And Madonna did not appreciate this response at all: "I gave so much to this country and when I ask a simple favour to show Portugal to the whole world, the answer I receive is negative", she allegedly wrote to her agent. She even criticised her employee for pushing her to move to Lisbon: "It's your fault, you're the one who convinced me to come and live here."

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