This famous 70-year-old fashion designer looks like she's 20!

Vera Wang surprises everyone when she tells them how old she is!

Famous fashion designer Vera Wang stands out from others thanks to her wedding dress collections. A former figure skater and editor for Vogue magazine, the Chinese-American designer of Chinese origin is loved by celebrities who regularly choose her to create highly specialised pieces for them.

Time has no effect on her

Although she stands out thanks to her creations, the fashion designer is also a talking point because of her appearance. At 71 years of age, Vera Wang looks like a girl 40 years younger. With hersmooth skin, long hair, and cheeky look, no one would believe that the American was born on June 27th, 1949. But that's not all. Her figure is absolutely stunning. Flat stomach, no wrinkles, thin arms, the designer doesn't look her age at all, and could actually pass for a 20-year-old.

A very modern look

Whether it’s high heels, a little dress, or mini shorts, Vera Wang has a very modern wardrobe, which she shows off every day on her Instagram account. Often hidden behind XXL sunglasses, she poses in her superb villa by the swimming pool.

Moreover, the comments under her photos are always unanimous. Every internet user wonders how the designer manages to look so young.

My God, are you 15 years old? You're amazing!
Seriously, how can she be 70 years-old?

What is Vera Wang’s secret: beauty products or an incredible genetic heritage? This mystery might never be solved!

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