This 5-Year-Old Recreates Stunning Red Carpet Looks Using Only Paper, Cardboard And Tin Foil

This five-year-old wears outfits straight from the palace, catwalk, and red carpet... made from unconventional materials. Her snaps are the most adorable and fashion forward and they’ve made her an Instagram star!

Alya Chaglar is a talented artist from Turkey, caught people’s attention on Instagram when she started recreating red carpet looks for her 5-year-old daughter Stefani in a very original way! Alya uses her plastician knowledge to put together dresses made of weird items and a bit of magic.

At first, Chaglar created the “dresses” by only holding up a piece of fruit, vegetable or other object in front of the camera, between the camera and little Stefani. The scale of the item makes it look larger than it is, appearing to dress Stefani in an array of fabulous costumes.

Then, Alya began to post photos of her daughter in outfits made to look like the ones celebrities wear on the red carpet. Inspired by her favourite fashion icons, such as Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and more…

Her creative outfits are made from unconventional materials, including paper, cardboard and tin foil. She manages to give her daughter the best looking outfits with the cheapest materials.

Alya admits that her favourite looks have been the catwalk looks and Naomi Watts in pink.

Check out the video above to see some of Alya’s most incredible creations!

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