These Incredible Homes Once Belonged To A-Listers... But Now No One Wants To Buy Them

  • 1. 50 Cent’s house in Connecticut. He wanted to sell it for 18.5 million dollars in 2015. Now, the price has lowered to 5.99 million dollars.
  • 2. Tommy Hilfiger’s penthouse in New York. 80 million dollars? Less now. Unable to sell it, the price has since then dropped to 50 million dollars. That’s almost worth it!
  • 3. Alan Wilzig’s house which is the house that inspired the mansion in the Wolf of Wall Street. It was worth 44 million dollars in 2014. And today? They are looking to sell it for 18.75 million dollars.
  • 4. This home was rented by the Obama family in 2013, but they couldn’t find any takers. Its current asking price? 17.75 million dollars.
  • 5. Steve Cohen’s penthouse in New York. This house in the skies cost up to 115 million dollars. And the value of the house has dropped to being worth only 57.5 million dollars today.

Although they used to be homes to the stars, that doesn’t mean it’s really easy to sell these huge villas. This is the problem that these 8 celebrities face who really need to get ahold of Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer’s numbers!

Discover the stars that had to really lower the price of their homes because they couldn’t sell them… Just like that, it seems the housing crisis can affect anyone. Let’s have a look!

Anna Wilkins
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Can You Tell These Celebrity Doppelgangers Apart?

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