These Are The Biggest Fights In Love Island History
These Are The Biggest Fights In Love Island History
These Are The Biggest Fights In Love Island History
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These Are The Biggest Fights In Love Island History

By Kim Scott

They say that all’s fair in love and war – and whilst Love Island may be a show all about finding true love, there’s been a fair amount of warring breaking out over the last five years of the show. We’re taking a look back at some of the biggest bust-ups in Love Island history…

Admit it, the main reason most of us watch Love Island is for the drama – and there’s been plenty of it over the last five years. Whilst the drama on the UK Love Island has never quite got as messy as it did on Russia’s version of the show – where a full-on brawl broke out between the Islanders – there have been plenty of dramatic moments.

Whether it’s a fight breaking out between two contestants who are trying to crack on with the same person or a vengeful rant by a jilted Islander after a brutal recoupling, there have been plenty of moments when the heat has risen in the villa for all the wrong reasons. Here are some of the most dramatic Love Island fights…

Tom vs Maura

Whilst you may have forgotten Tom Walker, Maura Higgins will certainly still be fresh in your memory. Things seemed to be going great between the two of them until Tom decided to make some seriously disrespectful comments to the lads about seeing if Maura was ‘all mouth or not’ in the Hideaway. Unfortunately for Tom, Maura heard it all – and she didn’t hold back telling him what she thought!

Malia vs Kady

Way back in series 2, Malia Arkian was full-on removed from the villa after her disagreement with Kady McDermott escalated into a physical fight. Malia had only just entered the villa after a date with Scott when Kady ‘accidentally’ spilt some wine on her leg. The fight that followed got so heated that the producers had to intervene…

Sam vs Chris

Series 3 star Chris Hughes has gone on to become one of the most successful ex-Islanders – but whilst he’s now seen as a good guy, Sam Gowland was enraged by his ‘snakey’ behaviour in the villa going behind his back to crack on with Olivia Attwood. After their square-up in the garden, Sam was soon dumped from the villa, and the rest is history…

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