These Are The Best (And Funniest) Celebrity 10 Year Challenges
These Are The Best (And Funniest) Celebrity 10 Year Challenges
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These Are The Best (And Funniest) Celebrity 10 Year Challenges

The #10yearschallenge is the new trend of the moment on Instagram. Lots of internet users, and also lots of celebrities have decided to take part in this little game. Check out their transformations!

This year, stars are playing along with the #10yearschallenge. Nicki Minaj, Eva Longoria and even Chiara Ferragni have shared their physical transformations on social media sites. And for some of them, the result is quite astonishing…

This new challenge involves posting before and after photos: one of you from ten years ago and one from 2019. This challenge has spread all over the world, since American, French, British and even Italian celebrities have taken up the challenge on Instagram.

As for Nicki Minaj, she is now looking a lot sexier in 2019. This famous rapper now has a more refined face as well as a larger and more imposing bust and behind thanks to plastic surgery…

Trevor Noah, South African actor, comedian and TV host in the United States, showed a picture of himself from 2019 with a more elegant stature and build!

Jessica Biel, the beautiful American actress, has gone from blonde to a brunette, which really makes her green eyes pop.

Janet Jackson, sister of unforgettable Michael Jackson, has undergone an impressive transformation in just ten years. In her first photo, Janet had thick eyebrows and raven black locks. Ten years later, Michael Jackson’s younger sister now has thinner and finer eyebrows and eyes and more defined cheekbones.

The sublime Eva Longoria is just as radiant as she has ever been. It’s not surprising that after ten years, the actress hasn’t changed much!

Chiara Ferragnia, the Italian blogger, shows off her sexy side this new year. 10 years ago, the young woman had a larger nose, very long hair and more of a childish style.

Check out the video above to see all the best celebrity glow ups!

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