There's One Part Of Her Body You Should Never Ask Nicole Kidman About

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No, Nicole Kidman doesn’t change her hair quite as often as you may think. But the star who does regularly wear wigs doesn’t seem willing to accept her hair as it is. And every time she is questioned about it, it ends up going badly.

Nicole Kidman and wigs go back a long way! In films, she always has a different hairstyle. But admitting that she uses fake hair isn’t easy for the actress to do. During a radio interview with the Australian channel, the star quickly started to get herself all worked up when the co-presenter asked her ‘What is your favourite wig?’ Nicole quickly responded.

‘There’s many times when I use my own hair as well because it’s so easy, and then other times, I’m creating different characters. It’s like asking ‘Do you have a favourite child?’ Can’t answer that one. Anyway, I’ve got to go, because they’re waiting at the other radio station, which I’d better not say on your show.’ And with that, she hung up.

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But this isn’t the first time that an exchange like this has quickly changed course when she was asked about her hair. During a press conference for the film Destroyer in 2018, the 51-year-old actress reacted quite strongly to questions about her hair and wigs.

‘That’s an awful question. I am shutting that question down.’ It seems the mystery about her hair and wigs will continue to be just that.

We've put together a selection of the many different hairstyles that Nicole Kidman has rocked during her career... it really is amazing how much they transform her look!

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