The Little Girl From Titanic Reveals What Leonardo DiCaprio Was REALLY Like

Titanic, the eleven-Oscar-winning film will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. What a perfect time for his young dance partner known as Cora Cartmell to shed some light about Jack Dawson, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Alex Owens-Sarno was only a young girl when she achieved her dream of being an actress. In Titanic, she played Cora Cartmell, the young girl that dances to Irish music with Jack Dawson.

Now twenty years old, the young woman looks back on this experience and how she felt being face to face with the international actor.

‘There was so much of Jack in Leo, definitely. He was very sweet; he was very goofy, absolutely adorable. He always had a smile on his face, it was great.’

The young woman goes on to talk about the connection she made with the actor even off camera. She remembers that during their first time shooting together that lasted three hours, he was trying to entertain her as best he could by drawing. She says that he even drew a picture of her and her father and that he signed it before giving it to her.

As a child, when she used to tell people that she had filmed with one of the most well-known and appreciated actors in the world, she remembers not really seeing it as a big deal. All she thought was, ‘this is my new best friend Leo, and he’s so cool’ which really used to wind her friends up!

‘In between scenes, we would hang out, and Kate would come up and talk to us too.’

This young girl was able to witness the beginning of one of the greatest friendships in Hollywood, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Today, although she isn’t in contact with the actor anymore, she still has good memories of her experience and shares some photos of filming on her Instagram account where she writes about how great it was to shoot this film.

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