Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have revealed their controversial 'pee habit'

Ayda Field and Robbie Williams they have a rather controversial bathroom habit... and it's something we have all done at least once.

Thefamous couple has recently caused a stir amongst their fans after announcing a rather unusual hobby. But, while some may be disgusted we must admit that most of us have done this at least once.

The two have admitted they love topee in other people's pools.Robbie in particular, can't resist a sneaky moment of relief whenever he visits his friends in the summer.

The two have also previously divided fans with a less controversial habit of peeing in the shower.But, according to Williams, it's not as much of a thrill as urinating in the pools of other celebrities:

I don't often pee in the shower but I have. It's not one of the places I feel the need to pee. I peed the pool yesterday. I go to other people's houses to pee in their pools.

Williams compared his personal pool time fun to a dog marking its territory:

Then it is my pool. I own it. Like dogs' pee. That's all I do in pools.

Ayda has also had her 2 cents in the matter, revealing she is just as bad as her husband when it comes to making it to the bathroom:

I have peed in the shower too but it's more of a dribble down as a female where as guys can aim. For sure in a pool as well.

While we're sure most of us havepeed in a pool at some point in their lives, or the sea, or the shower. But despite this, some of the couple's fans were a bit shocked at the information. One person commented on Twitter:

Robbie Williams and his wife joking about loving to pee in other people's pool has really got me feeling a little sick!

Another stated:

Dirty pigs @RobbieWilliams & @AydaFields Nobody has the right to put their disgusting bodily fluids into someone else's pool, shower or home space. They should be prosecuted & I doubt anyone will have them over for a visit now. Weirdos.

A third chimed in:

Have kind of lost respect for Ayda Field a little bit. Not going to lie. Although, we have all done it when we were kids!

According to a 2012 survey, 1 in 5 people pees in the pool so it's more than likely that one of these criticising fans also have a little pool secret of their own.

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