Rita Ora's Thanksgiving Parade Performance Went Horribly Wrong

Huge failure for the Thanksgiving Parade, organised by the American chain of stores Macy's, based in New York. The event turned into a nightmare for artists invited to sing and especially for Rita Ora...

The young English singer unfortunately encountered technical problems during her onstage performance, just like John Legend. Only, for the young artist, one could tell that her show was a playback a little too easily!

The risks of a live show...

Indeed, during her performance, Rita Ora did not notice anything at all, contrary to many spectators who were present for the traditional Thanksgiving Parade. Indeed, the soundtrack broadcast during the parade was out of synch with the music that was being sent in the singer’s earpiece. This technical problem eventually revealed to the audience that Rita Ora was using playback during the performance of her hit Let You Love Me.

John Legend's support

After the festivities, the singer John Legend was quick to defend the artist on Twitter: ‘Fun fact. We all have to lip sync on this the parade because the floats don’t have the capacity to handle the sound requirements for a live performance. Hope y’all enjoyed it anyway!’

Macy's apologises

As the one responsible for all technical problems, the Macy's chain of stores apologised: ‘During the NBC broadcast of the Macy's Parade, several artists encountered technical problems that affected their performance. We apologise and want fans to know that the artists could not do anything about it.’ Faced with multiple derogatory comments about her performance, Rita Ora then spoke out by retweeting their message and adding: ‘Thank you for your honesty and I hope everyone had a good time!’

We won’t be mad at Rita Ora! Technical problems are part of the risks that come with doing a live show, it is well known!

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