Remember S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole? This is what he’s up to now

He was one-seventh of the most iconic UK pop group of the late 90s/early-nineties—but where is S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole now?

After S Club 7 called it quits back in 2003, the ex-members have gone on to a variety of careers—some have stuck with music while others branched out into acting or reality TV. When Rachel Stevens signed up for Dancing On Ice 2022, we got to wondering what the other members of S Club are up to these days. So where is Paul Cattermole now?

Paul post-S Club

Paul was the first of the seven members to leave S Club when he quit in June 2002. The other six members carried on as S Club for another year before they split. Meanwhile, Paul formed a nu metal band called Skua with some old school-friends, but they too split the following year after failing to get a record deal.

In 2008, Paul joined back up with Jo O’Meara and Bradley McIntosh to form S Club 3. They performed together for six years before the whole of S Club got back together for a Children In Need performance and arena tour in 2015. Paul also briefly rekindled his romance with Hannah Spearritt shortly after the tour, but they split again in November that year.

Paul Cattermole, recent years

Paul revealed in an interview on Loose Women in 2018 that everything he earned on the S Club reunion tour went into repaying debts after he was made bankrupt in 2014. He continued to face financial hardship, which led him to selling some of his awards online to make ends meet.

In 2019, Paul appeared on dating showFirst Dates Hotel where he shocked his date by revealing he used to be in S Club and opened up about some of the darker sides of being in the group, saying:

If you’re being controlled to the point your girlfriend is chosen for you, you’re going to quit it, and I did. It made it tough to get to grips with what made a real relationship.

Nowadays, Paul is still making music, which he shares on his Soundcloud and Patreon accounts. You can find him on Twitter @Paulcattermole1 or on Instagram @paul_cattermole.

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