Recent Photos Of A Deathly Ill Looking Johnny Depp Have Got Fans Fearing The Worst

Nothing is going right at the moment for Johnny Depp who seems to be getting more and more neglected. Fans are obviously increasingly worried about the actor’s health, judging from this photo that has just surfaced!

We can’t stop talking about Johnny Depp. Looking unrecognisable during his last appearance, the actor is making his fans increasingly more worried.

An emotional divorce

Since his divorce from Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has hit rock bottom. After only two years of marriage, the couple who met whilst they were filming The Rum Diary finally decided to separate. At the end of many months of legal battles, the divorce was finalised on 13th January 2017. It was a tough divorce that cost Johnny Depp a hell of a lot of money and afterwards, the actor was looking worse and worse, despite us being used to his changing look. On tour in Russia with his band The Hollywood Vampires, the father of Lily-Rose really is unrecognisable now. Looking very thin, the actor who played Jack Sparrow has also decided to shave part of his head and keep only a Mohawk and a braid on his neck which was a new look that fans didn’t really like. Worse still, some people have been questioning the actor’s health.

The photographer reacts

Recently, a photo taken by one of the actor’s fans has shocked the public once again. In the shot taken on 30th May this year at the Four Seasons hotel in Saint Petersburg, Vanessa Paradis’ ex-husband doesn’t seem to be in good shape and this photo, posted on social networking sites has not eased the fans’ worries.

However, according to Kyler Clark, photographer and assistant to singer Alice Cooper who is part of Johnny Depp’s band, everything is okay. No doubt tired from all the rumours floating around about his friend, he then posted a photo of the actor with reassuring comments: “he’s fine” Assured the photographer in a long message with the photo. ”We moved a lot at a fast pace and we are all really exhausted. Does anyone look good as soon as they open their eyes? Does anyone look good when he is sleeping? And what about when we are on a plane every day during this month to go around the world? No, not me anyway “

So, are YOU reassured?

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