Priyanka Chopra Reveals Nick Jonas' Most Adorable Habit

Priyanka Chopra Reveals Nick Jonas' Most Adorable Habit

Don’t overlook Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas—they are totally #couplegoals.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, despite crazy individual schedules, remain inseparable; their love story continues to read like the ultimate fairytale romance. The way they speak about one another publicly shows how much they love and care for one another—it’s mesmerising!

Priyanka recently revealed when she finds Nick most attractive.

What did she say?

“All the time. All the freaking time.” They are so adorable!

And recently, someone snapped a photo of Nick FaceTiming Priyanka before taking the stage for the Happiness Begins tour.

Priyanka told ET Online that they try not to go a week and a half without seeing one another, so they always meet up no matter how far they are away from each other.

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If these facts aren’t enough to convince you that Nick and Priyanka are the ultimate #couplegoals, just wait until you read about Nick’s most adorable habit. What is it? Tune into our video to find out!

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