Paige and Finn offer advice to Love Island 2021 contestants

Winter Love Island 2020 winners Paige Turley and Finley Tapp have offered some words of wisdom to anyone heading to the villa this summer.

Whether it’s down to the South African villa, the pandemic or purely some much improved matchmaking skills on the part of the Love Island producers, there’s no denying that Winter Love Island 2020 has so far been one of the most successful Love Island series at forming lasting couples.

Over a year on from the series finale, an impressive five couples formed on Winter Love Island still seem to be going strong (that’s Siânnise and Luke T, Nas and Eva, Callum and Molly, Priscilla and Mike and Paige and Finn, obvs). By contrast, only Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague are still together from Love Island 2019.

So who better to give some advice to budding 2021 Love Islanders than the winners of Winter Love Island, Paige Turley and Finley Tapp? They shared some top tips about life in the villa and coupling up with the right person with Vice this week and anyone heading to the villa this summer should listen up.

Trust and friendship are everything in the Love Island villa

Paige and Finn both emphasised the importance of coupling up with someone you trust whilst you’re in the villa. Whilst this may well be easier said than done, it sounds like sensible advice. Paige also emphasised the importance of platonic relationships, saying:

Shaughna was my rock, and vice versa. It kind of keeps you sane, having somebody going "Relax, stop overthinking it.

Practical tips for 2021 Love Islanders

As well as urging prospective Love Islanders to ‘overpack’ their suitcases so they’re prepared for any eventuality weather-wise (particularly important if Love Island 2021 does end up filming in the UK!), Paige warned future Islanders should ‘be prepared for the lack of sleep’ as filming can go on late into the night.

Paige and Finn give their top tips to the 2021 Love Islanders Paige and Finn give their top tips to the 2021 Love Islanders