Olivia Bowen Shares Important Message With Non-Edited Photos
Olivia Bowen Shares Important Message With Non-Edited Photos
Olivia Bowen Shares Important Message With Non-Edited Photos
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Olivia Bowen shares important message with non-edited photos

By Lola Bee

Love Island2016 favourite Olivia Bowen has got people talking for all the right reasons by sharing non-edited photos showing her psoriasis.

In a post advertising lingerie brand Boux Avenue, Olivia stripped down to red underwear in her bathroom and captioned her post ‘GROW through what you GO through & you will GLOW boo!’. Olivia was praised by fans for not editing the psoriasis on her legs and stomach out of the post.

One commented:

You're so awesome for this doing this. I too suffer with skin issues and this has just made me feel a whole lot better about myself. Love you girl.

Another said:

I applaud you for normalising reality when it comes to what culture deems 'imperfections,' I think you're absolutely gorgeous.

What is psoriasis?

Olivia has previously spoken out about her struggles with psoriasis, saying it usually flares up when she has been ill or stressed. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes red, crusty patches of skin. It can be painful or itchy and sufferers will often have periods of no symptoms and periods where they have flare-ups.

Olivia Bowen’s empowering message

Posting to her Instagram story, Olivia wrote:

Some days I don’t wanna look at my skin, some days I don’t care, some days I love it. The reality is it just doesn’t fuxking matter in comparison to what is worth our time in the world. I just get on with my life & do my work & enjoy being alive & live my best!

She continued:

The main reason I acknowledge my psoriasis online is because I KNOW how much I would of loved to see someone in the public eye with it when I had it last at 17 years old. It shouldn’t even be a thing to be honest, but I know how on bad days it can get you down. Your messages on how much it helps seeing me confident with it are really lovely.

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