Olivia Bowen reveals how she keeps things hot with Alex

Love Island 2016 star Olivia Bowen opens up about keeping the flame alive with her husband Alex…

Olivia and Alex Bowen are undoubtedly one of the most successful Love Island couples ever. Still going strong almost five years on from their series, the couple tied the knot in September 2018. This week, Olivia has opened up about how she and Alex keep things exciting in their relationship, especially during lockdown. Olivia told The Sun:

It's about being honest, and being honest with your relationship and your sex life. If you find it hard to say in person, text them. Sometimes, even if you are really close to your partner, it can be hard to tell your partner sexually what you want… If you’re not that confident, just text the other saying would you like to do this.

Alex Bowen’s romance tips

Meanwhile, husband Alex claims he’s the more romantic one in their relationshipand loves being spontaneous. He says during the first lockdown they made sure to have proper date nights with each other by dressing up and making dinner at home, even though they couldn’t go out to pubs or restaurants. He also admitted:

I always buy Liv lingerie around birthdays and Valentine’s Day - I know it’s selfish, but it’s a present for me as well. Even though I bought it for her, it’s a treat for me. I bought her something off Lovehoney, but I took it off quicker than she put it on. She’s got a tiny little waist and a big bum, which I love.

Olivia Bowen: ‘Explore different things’

Olivia encouraged fans to experiment to keep things fresh, saying: ‘Explore different things, and explore for yourself, because when you feel confident in yourself that radiates onto your partner. I 100 per cent think if you want to experiment then go for it, it’s a healthy way to keep things alive and fresh.’

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