Millie Court: This is what she looks like without makeup

The Love Island champ took to social media to share a make-up free picture to empower—not only herself—but others struggling with acne as well.

In light of International Women's Day, Millie Court posted raw pictures of herself—embracing her skin as it is—and asked followers to share what they love most about themselves.

Hiding behind a face mask

The 25-year-old has, in the past, revealed her gruesome struggles with adult acne that took a serious toll on her mental health and sense of self worth after being catapulted into the spotlight. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the social media influencer admitted to hiding behind face coverings to overcome the fear of being scrutinised for having severe acne. She explained:

I always felt like I was a very, very confident person. When my acne came, definitely my confidence lowered, and I was embarrassed, and I felt shy to go outside. Then COVID hit and we were wearing masks and I could use a mask to cover my face.

And added:

That’s how unconfident I was, that I felt like I could go out because a mask was covering me so nobody could see me. That’s the reason why I’m trying now to make people feel confident about their skin because I know how low I was.

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Coming out victorious

After some time introspecting, Court took the opportunity to spread positivity, and self-love on International Women's Day and encouraged others to do the same. In a post on Instagram, she went bare-faced to show others that it is possible to love one's own imperfections. She explained:

I have so many women in my life who inspire me every day and I wanted to give a little something today that can hopefully inspire one of you.

And added:

Loving our imperfections can be difficult, but when you learn to embrace them and realise that our imperfections don’t define us, they are just a part of us alongside everything else that creates you as a person.
Anton Danyluk: This is what the Love Islander looks like today Anton Danyluk: This is what the Love Islander looks like today