Millie Court hints at possible soon-to-come wedding

During an interview with, Millie Court has revealed what she plans to wear on the day she marries Liam Reardon.

The latest winner of Love Island sat down with to promote her upcoming footwear and accessories collection in collaboration with online retailerEgo. During their conversation, the blonde bombshell revealed crucial details of what we can expect her to wear on the day of her wedding to hunky boyfriend Liam Reardon.

Liam to Millie: 'You stand out, you always look beautiful'

Speaking about all things fashion, Court explained what her process was when packing clothes in preparation for her time in the villa. The 24-year-old former fashion student explained that at one point in the show, Liam confessed to Millie that he liked when girls wore white—making reference to the colour she will most probably be wearing on her wedding day. She said:

He actually really likes it when I wear white. I remember we were in the villa and I said to him ‘oh what colour would you like to see me in?’ and he was like ‘oh I really like it when girls wear white’. That night I wore a white dress and he was like ‘oh you look so nice’ so he likes it when I wear white, very specific. Good plans for the wedding day then, I know he’s gonna like that.

She also went on to say, that Liam is a huge fan of the way she dresses. She explained:

I’m a bit out there but I think Liam likes that about me, all of the outfits I wore on Love Island he would always say ‘you stand out, you always look beautiful’, I think he quite likes my fashion sense.

What fashion advice would she give her former self?

When asked what advice she would give her younger self in terms of sartorial choices and her relationship with fashion, Court said:

I’d tell her to keep experimenting with fashion, don’t hold back and don’t let anyone think that you look weird because you’re wearing something bold. I used to feel a bit embarrassed wearing really colourful stuff and think oh I really stand out. I think my younger me was great so keep doing what you’re doing.
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