Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth’s Divorce: Who Will Get Custody Of Their 13 Pets?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth haven’t been married for very long and after he filed for divorce in August, they an agreement has finally been reached. But one question still remains as to who will get custody of their 13 pets.

Ever since Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce from Miley Cyrus in August, everything has gone surprisingly quickly. It all started when, without making a big scene or commotion, Miley started to think that she might be more into women than she originally thought.

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Strolls with my girls.

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Their marriage contract has made the divorce easier

Thanks to their signed marriage contract, dividing their common property has been no problem at all. But one particular matter that is close to both of their hearts has proved difficult to come to a decision about: the celebrity couple have thirteen pets.

In their ten-year on-off relationship, but only eight months of marriage, Miley and Liam have accumulated a real flock of animals and splitting them up has turned out to be very difficult. But now, a decision has finally been made and as several media sources have reported, it seems Miley will get custody of all thirteen animals.

Farm at the Hemsworth-Cyrus household

Among their many pets, they have seven dogs and three cats. Then things get a little more unusual since they also have two miniature horses and pig. Being separated from their animal companions has proved to be quite difficult and when one of their pigs died in July this year, Miley was devastated.

Liam will definitely be finding their separation difficult since he seems to be very close to his dogs on Instagram and the Australian actor regularly posts photos of himself with his pets.

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Bean + MC = 4EVR 🖤🌄🖤🌄

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Three weeks ago, he posted a photo with his dog Dora, even calling her his best friend. However, he finally gave in and let Miley take custody of the animal.

In March, their divorce will be made final after six months of separation and after this issue has finally been resolved. But what made Liam Hemsworth finally cave?

People believe it is because the actor wants to fly back to Australia, his homeland, for a long time after the divorce. And that would certainly be a lot easier for him to do without all the animal baggage…

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