How Michael Jackson Did The Impossible Dance From The Smooth Criminal Music Video

One of the all-time greatest dance moves, popularised by Michael Jackson, video has recently been the subject of a scientific study.

Known for his wild personal life just as much as his incredible range, one of a kind voice, and incredible dance moves, Michael Jackson truly was larger than life.

Have you heard of the ‘anti-gravity lean’? This is the iconic dance move performed by Michael Jackson in his Smooth Criminal video in which The King of Pop leant forward at a 45-degree angle.

We know what you're thinking: how is this possible? Indian neurosurgeons have been trying to answer this question for the BBC... and they think they may have cracked the case.

According to them, the best of the best dancers can only lean forward about 25 or 30 degrees maximum before they fall over. How was it that Michael Jackson could seemingly exceed what would be considered the human limit?

Researcher Manjul Tripathi explains: Michael Jackson managed to perform this dance move not by concentrating the tension on his back muscles, but by putting weights into the heels of his shoes to allow him to lean further!

That's not all - the King of Pop also has another secret. A v-shaped slit in the bottom of each heel was also put in which allowed him to pivot and lean further forward along a strong nail in the ground. Not bad, right?

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While we may never see him in action again, we're still getting new material from the King of Pop years after his passing. However, even after his passing, it seems like the controversies and allegations surrounding him continue to pile up...

The video above shows the move in action, as well as exactly how it works!

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