Michael Jackson Almost Died In 9/11, But He Was Saved By His Mother

Michael Jackson Almost Died In 9/11, But He Was Saved By His Mother

You may not have known this but Michael Jackson could have ended up dead during the attacks on September 11th. He was saved... by his mother.

It was a close call for the King of Pop during the attacks on September 11th, according to Jermaine Jackson’s autobiography. On this day, his brother Michael Jackson had a meeting at the top of the Twin Towers.

But the day before, he received a very late phone call from his mother and the singer then stayed up till the early hours of the morning talking to her.

Cancelled at the last minute

Too tired, Michael Jackson decided to cancel his meeting on September 11th.

‘Thankfully, none of us had had a clue that Michael was due at a meeting that morning at the top of one of the Twin Towers.

We only discovered this when Mother phoned his hotel to make sure he was okay,’ wrote the singer’s brother in his book Through a Brother’s Eyes.

‘You kept me up talking so late that I overslept and missed my appointment,’ the King of Pop then told his mother. This call saved him from certain death in the attack that cost the lives of 2,753 people.

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