Mel B ‘bedridden’ by COVID after five weeks of fighting the virus

Mel B has been battling COVID for five weeks now and still has not been able to recover from it.

Five weeks after contracting COVID, the Spice Girls singer claims she is still suffering from its effects. Apparently, according to Mel, coronavirus has rendered her ‘bedridden.’ The 46-year-old Spice Girl, took to Instagram on Wednesday to tell her followers that she has been bedridden for five weeks due to coronavirus, adding:

It's no joke!

While COVID-19 is a short-term sickness, most people recover from it in two weeks or less. However, some people have experienced symptoms for three weeks or longer, and others have been sick for months.

Missing Maldives

Although her health has not been the kindest to her in recent times, Mel kept a bright attitude despite that. She shared her old photos on Instagram from a recent luxurious Maldives vacation to distract herself from her illness. The singer wrote on her Instagram:

In my head I’m here @youandmemaldives ahhhh what a beautiful place, sunshine crystal-clear sea being totally spoilt rotten in my private villa named after me.

Mel revealed she was ill while she fantasized about returning to the Maldives for another vacation, claiming coronavirus was no laughing matter. She further addressed in her caption:

But in reality right now I’m curled up in bed getting over the final long haul of COVID #itsbeen5weeksnow. Take me back to paradise, #covidisnojoke."

Away from kids

Another significant effect that COVID has had on Mel is her separation from her kids. Mel has struggled with the pandemic since the start. She has been separated from her younger daughter Madison, who lives in Los Angeles with her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, while she is in Leeds. She said:

I’ve been a single parent for a long time, as I’ve always been the one who financially and emotionally supported my family.
Unfortunately, due to the justice system, a difficult situation with my ex, and the fact that my youngest is an American citizen, I have shared care of Madison – and because of Covid, flying between America and the UK has been really difficult.
Not having my baby with me for months at a time is the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with.

Her kids from other previous relationships have been home-schooling during the lockdown, which has also made her respect teachers and sympathize with them.

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