Luiza Rozova: Who is Vladimir Putin's 'secret daughter'

Luiza Rozova is allegedly one of Putin’s secret children. As war broke out in Ukraine, Luiza is being trolled on Instagram. But what do we know about her?

Not much is known about President Vladimir Putin’s life as he likes to keep all that secret. The main part of his life that Putin really likes to keep a secret is his family. Even when the Russian President was married, his first lady hardly ever accompanied him to diplomatic events. So who is Putin’s secret daughter?

Luiza Rozova

Luiza Rozova also known as Elizaveta, is an 18-year-old student currently studying at St Petersburgh’s University. Luiza has over 84,000 followers on her Instagram, where she shows her life in cafes as well as her trips to Paris. Luiza runs her own fashion brand and has recently started a career as an in-demand DJ.

Not much is known about her but her mother is Svetlana Krivonogikh. Svetlana, 45, used to be a cleaner but is now a part-owner of a major Russian bank and a millionaire. There are rumours that her biological father is Vladimir Putin, but naturally, the ex-KGB leader has not acknowledged any of the rumours or Luiza.

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Worried about her

Some of Luiza’s Instagram followers were concerned as she had not posted anything on her social media account since October 1 2021. Some believed that she has been taken away by Putin who had hidden her and the rest of his ‘family’ in a secret bunker in case the Russian Ukrainian war escalates even more than it already has.

Since last week, the Instagram account has been deactivated. It is unsure what has led to this, but it may be due to the online harassment the young girl has been experiencing since her alleged father, Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin: His 'secret daughter' is victim of harassment on social media Vladimir Putin: His 'secret daughter' is victim of harassment on social media