Love Island's Faye Winter admits moving in with Teddy has caused arguments

Love Island 2021 star Faye Winter has opened up about the challenges of moving in with boyfriend Teddy Soares.

If we’re honest, at one point we didn’t think that Faye Winter and Teddy Soares were going to make it out of the villa as a couple at all, so it’s fair to say they’ve defied all our expectations by not only coming third on the show but staying together and moving in together after leaving Love Island.

Faye and Teddy started renting a house together on the outskirts of London in November after a few months’ property hunting. While it’s a rental rather than their own home, the place is unfurnished, which has left the couple plenty of leeway to put their own stamp on it. But that might not always be a good thing...

Faye and Teddy arguments

Speaking to OK! magazine this week, Faye admitted that furnishing and decorating their house has led to some arguments. She said:

We had a bit of a barney about the sofa situation. I sent the sofa back, he really liked it but I didn’t like the colour so we had a bicker. I really like the sofa, it’s just the colour, he didn’t want me to send it back, though. I had to arrange for someone to come pick it up, so we still don’t really have any furniture!

She also admitted that they’ve clashed over clutter—as Faye hates having even a kettle or a knife set out on the side. Overall, though, it sounds like the couple are getting on really well, especially as Teddy knows how to recognize when Faye is getting ‘hangry.’

Faye and Teddy’s Christmas plans

Faye also revealed the couple won’t be hosting Christmas in their new home—as they’re yet to buy a table and chairs. In fact, Faye and Teddy will most likely be spending Christmas apart, as Faye will go to her family in Devon and Teddy will be with his own family in London.

Love Island 2021: Faye Winter opens up about that argument with Teddy Love Island 2021: Faye Winter opens up about that argument with Teddy