Love Islander Anton Danyluk survives deadly bus collision in Dubai

This Love Island star met with a terrifying accident in Dubai, but managed to escape without a scratch.

Former Love Island contestant, Anton Danyluk, recently revealed that he had been in a deadly crash while he was driving a rental car in Dubai.

Car crash in Dubai

The 27-year-old was driving behind a bus, when the driver suddenly hit the brakes while going over a speed bump. The bus abruptly stopped and as a result, Danyluk rammed into the back of the vehicle.

He recounted the whole story on his Instagram account on Wednesday, saying:

So basically last night when I was driving home from the gym, a bus came across me, I've had a lot of messages people know what it's like.
The guys who drive in Dubai are just always in a rush to get places and basically a bus came across me and he's braked hard because he's went over a speed bump.
Then I've went into the side of the back of him, and I don't know how I'm okay - air bags are obviously a good thing.
The reality star turned fitness coach escaped from the incident completely unscathed and returned back to his usual schedule soon after the crash. He also took to Instagram to thank his followers for sending him good wishes. He added:
Main thing is that I'm okay so thank you for the love.

Anton Danyluk after Love Island

Danyluk was a part of Love Island Season 5, and he entered the villa on the very first day. He made it to the final elimination but got dumped alongside his then-partner, Belle Hassan. Since he left the villa, he has publicly criticised the show for giving young viewers a ‘false sense of the real world.’

During the pandemic, he moved to Dubai and continued working as a fitness coach. He is currently training to compete in a bodybuilding competition which is set to take place in Birmingham on 14 November. He said:

I've got a big announcement, I'm going be competing in my first ever bodybuilding competition on the 14th of November in the men's physique category in Birmingham. It's the PCA first timers.
I'm super excited about this. I've loved bodybuilding from a young age.
Anton Danyluk: This is what the Love Islander looks like today Anton Danyluk: This is what the Love Islander looks like today