Liam Reardon: Former islander is rushed to hospital after horrific burn

Liam Reardon had to make an impromptu visit to A&E after badly burning his foot.

In an attempt at impressing girlfriend, Millie Court, by cooking her dinner, the Welsh hunk ended up severely burning his foot.

Burnt by cooking

Reardon took to Instagram to ask his followers for advice on what to do after pouring scorching hot oil on his foot. Thankfully, the Love Island star was able to alleviate the pain at the suggestion of one of his fans to dip his foot in cold water.Still, the winner of seventh series of the show ended up having to go to the emergency room to treat the blisters that had formed. He explained:

Thank to everyone for your messages giving advice. I really found it helpful. Keeping my foot in cold water for 20 minutes made a massive difference to the burn.

And added:

Spoke to 111 this morning and they said to go to the hospital. So I got there at 11.30 and it could be another few hours of waiting.They're very busy which I understand so I asked the doctor if I could treat it myself as I don't want to waste their time but apparently no. I'm going to Dublin tomorrow for a few days so I need to get it sorted.

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Burst blisters

Reardon even shared some pretty explicit details about some of his blisters that left followers a little grossed out. He said:

One of the blisters burst and shot fluid all over my slider when walking into the hospital [laughing-face emojis].

Although the meal he cooked for girlfriend Millie led him to A&E, the blonde beauty was very appreciative of the romantic gesture and the two managed to laugh at the freak accident. She also took to Instagram to share with her followers the incident:

So I come home and Liam's made me burger, fries, but in the process, he's burnt his foot.
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