Liam and Millie confirm they’re moving in together straightaway after all

Love Island 2021 winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon found the separation for quarantine too much to bear.

After leaving the Love Island villa, Millie Court and Liam Reardon said they’d live in separate boys’ and girls’ houses with their Love Island co-stars for six months before moving in together as a couple. However, it sounds like they’ve now changed their minds about this.

Liam and Millie were reunited for the first time since returning to the UK this week, after spending their quarantine periods separately. They seemed absolutely delighted to be together again and enjoyed a date night at Kem Cetinay’s Array Restaurant Bar and Lounge in Essex.

Liam and Millie moving in together

When an interviewer onCapital South Walesasked about their plans to move in to a house in Essex with the Love Island girls and boys, Millie replied:

I think that would be a bit of a mad house! When you’re in the villa, everyone’s like yeah let’s all move in, girls, boys...

Liam then added:

That was the plan. Now we’ve come out and we’ve spent five days apart. And I know it’s only five days but you realise that you don’t want to be apart. I think we’re going to be so busy with work that we want to have our own home to go back to together.

Liam and Millie moving to Essex

He also confirmed that although he ‘loves’ Wales, he will be doing as his sister previously predicted and moving to Essex. He confirmed:

I’m going to move up to Essex, be with Millie and see what Essex is like and venture off from the valleys. I’ll always come back, but for now I’m going to go up to Essex and be with Millie and see what that’s all about.
Love Island 2021 winners Liam and Millie set to move in together in Essex Love Island 2021 winners Liam and Millie set to move in together in Essex