Kylie Jenner receives major backlash for 'cashing in' on pandemic

Upon releasing her newest product from the Kylie Skin line, the uber-rich 23-year-old has received massive backlash for, as fans put it, 'cashing in' on the pandemic.

A conveniently timed release for a hand sanitizer

As many of us are struggling to keep afloat during the worldwide pandemic, Kylie Jenner's beauty empire will be soaring even more thanks to the release of a $7 hand sanitizer to keep us safe (and making her even richer!).

Since the release of her cosmetics line and the addition of her skincare line, Jenner has been reported to have amassed a net worth of just under 900 million US dollars making her the second richest Kardashian-Jenner after older sister Kim.

And fans were quick to clap back at the influencer following the announcement of her new bacteria killing solution. With a promise to keep one's hands moisturized while having an alcohol content of 80%, some were claiming that Jenner was blatantly 'cashing in' on the pandemic.

One Twitter user bluntly posted on twitter the following:

To substantiate their claims, some Twitter users compared her new product with that of an eight fluid ounce bottle of Purell's Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel which retails for a mere $2.99. That's more than half the price of Kylie's hand sanitizer while containing four times the amount of it as well.

User baralise1 wrote:

But not everyone was against Jenner

However, Jenner stans rushed to her defence by reminding the haters that the businesswoman donated money to help frontline workers and also gave hand sanitizer to Souther California hospitals throughout the coronavirus pandemic. One fan made a very a good point by saying:

Not that I am on Kylie's PR team, but in the beginning of the pandemic she publicly donated $1,000,000 to frontline workers & used her factories to make over 6000 pounds of free hand sanitizer. if you don't like it, don't buy it.

So, what do you guys think about the new Kylie Skin hand sanitizer? Is it just a marketing scheme or does the intention to provide a quality product override greedy motivations?

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