Kim Kardashian let North do her makeup and the results were hilarious

Proud of the accomplishments of her offspring, Kim Kardashian once posted on her Twitter account the make-up session she and her daughter North West had.

At the age of 5, Kim Kardashian andKanye West's daughter is a little phenomenon all on her own. Very oftenphotographed alongside her mother, this little girl loves to be in the spotlight. So quite naturally Kim released a make-up sessionon Twitter. Beauty Blender and brushes in hand, the little North West had fun giving her mom a makeover and even gave some valuable advice to her followers!

Once the session was over, the reality TV star filmed the result of the makeup done by her daughter. The least that can be said is that it is rather hilarious. Far from the flawless make-up she's used to posting on her Instagram account, Kim Kardashian displayed apanda-like look with blackened-in eyes from a pencil eyeliner. But we want to point out the few black spots created by North on her mother’s cheekbones as a kind of freckle. No doubt she wanted to show her version of this on-going fake freckle trend.

So, convinced of North West’s future as a make-up artist?

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