Katie Price Shocks Fans With 'Horrific' Tooth Shaving Footage

Long-time reality star Katie Price has shocked her fans by revealing what her teeth really look like without veneers. Whilst on holiday in Turkey recently, Katie got teeth reconstruction surgery and showed her fans what her mouth looked like after getting her teeth ‘shaved down to pegs’.

If you have a fear of the dentist, you may want to look away now. After recently returning from a holiday in Turkey, reality stalwart Katie Price has shared a video of the tooth shaving procedure she had done whilst she was away. The dentistry involved having her teeth shaved into pegs in order to have new veneers placed.

In a video posted to her Youtube channel, Katie shared footage of herself and boyfriend Carl Woods having the procedure done. As she showed off her sharpened teeth partway through the surgery, Katie said:

I’m feeling good. Just numb. I look like something out of James Bond, the man with the metal teeth.

By the end of the video, the former glamour model had been fitted with a temporary set of pearly white gnashers which she'll have until she gets her permanent veneers put in. After seeing a computer image of what her and Carl's teeth would look like after the completed surgery she exclaimed 'I'm excited!'

But although Katie's dental procedure went well, she also suffered a horror accident whilst she was on holiday in which she broke both her feet jumping off a wall in a theme park. Currently awaiting surgery, Katie is now expecting to be in a wheelchair until next year and is looking for a new accessible home with latest boyfriend Carl Woods.

Katie and 31-year-old Carl - who briefly appeared on series 2 of Love Island back in 2016 - have been together since June and are said to be 'head over heels' after years of friendship, with Katie describing him as her ‘perfect prince’. Katie split up with previous boyfriend Kris Boyson in November last year.

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