Katie Price: Plastic surgeon fears Price's body might soon shut down

Following a string of surgeries undergone over the last months, including a 14th boob job, medical experts believe Price's body might be under 'too much stress'.

The former glamour model might have gone too far with the amount of plastic surgery she has had and now one surgeon fears for Price's life.

Too many surgeries can be a health hazard

The 43-year-old recently revealed the latest string of surgeries she got during a trip to Belgium while on vacation in Thailand with beau, Carl Woods. Pictures snapped by the paparazzi showed Price looking considerably different with the size of her breast now bigger than ever before. Response on social media has been generally negative with users concerned for both her mental and physical health.

And now, award-winning medical director Alex Karidis, spoke to The Sun to give his two cents on the mother-of-five's relentless body modification and the effects it can have on her well-being. He explained that:

The more operations you have, ultimately the more stressful it can be for the body. As surgeons, we have the responsibility to be honest with patients and say whether the surgery is really worthwhile. I’d be very wary about recommending a number of the operations she’s undergone.

And added:

All that stress on the body doesn’t bode well. It’s under duress when operated on and it goes into overdrive, so it takes time to heal.

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'I'm in my 40s so why not?'

Despited voiced concern by fans, friends, medical experts and her own mother, Price has fired back by saying that she has full control of the situation. In an interview she said:

I’m in my 40s so why not? Everyone knows I’m gonna do it and everyone picks on me for it but I’ll try these things. There’s so many people who have these tweaks and say ‘I’m natural’. Are you joking?

And added:

My mum was like, ‘what are you doing that for?’ I said ‘mum, I’m in my 40s and I had my whole career natural except my boobs and I’m going to have surgery.
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