Katie Price: Model spotted with two black eyes and swollen face

The glamour model was recently spotted sporting two black eyes and a heavily swollen face. Here's why.

Following her recent endeavours as a content creator on OnlyFans, the mother-of-five was most recently spotted not looking all that fresh-faced.

A bruised up Katie

Caught by the paparazzi in Belgium, Price was photographed with two black eyes, swollen cheeks and thick bandages covering her head and chin. But this wasn't the result of a violent altercation. As it turns out, the controversial media personality was coming out of her latest cosmetic procedure, which involved both an eye and brow lift.

And it appears this is just the beginning of a string of surgeries to come for Price, as one close friend has revealed she is currently also planning a trip to Turkey to further tweak her physique. She said:

Katie's telling everyone she thinks her bum implants make her look too big and wants them out - plus more lipo. When Katie has an idea in her head, she just does it. Who knows if she'll actually go through with it, but she's told friends she's going.

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What other work has she had?

In the past, the former Playboy cover model has had multiple work done on both her breasts and her nose. She was also spotted in Turkey with partner Carl Woods in mid 2021 after getting a full body liposuction, eye and lip lifts, liposuction under her chin, and fat grafting to her bum. In an interview explaining her motives, she said:

I’m not trying to look younger, and I definitely don’t want that alien look. I could go over the top, but I don’t want to look like a freak. I’m not addicted, but it’s out there and if I feel like I need to freshen it I would.
Katie Price: Plastic surgeon fears Price's body might soon shut down Katie Price: Plastic surgeon fears Price's body might soon shut down