Katie Price has stopped producing content on her OnlyFans account

Katie Price has urged her fans not to unsubscribe from her OnlyFans account, despite no longer producing original content.

After undergoing further cosmetic procedures to alter her looks, Price is now pleading to her fans who have subscribed to her OnlyFans account to stick around while she fully recovers.

OnlyFans on hold

As reported over the last week, Katie Price was spotted with a bruised and swelled up face, sporting bandages to cover the open wounds from the eye and brow lift she got in Belgium. As a result, the glamour model has been forced to put her OnlyFans account on hold, despite only having activated it in the last month.

The subscription, which cost £11 a month, promised to provide fans with exclusive content that Price, herself, described as empowering to women by focusing on body positivity. However, she will have to put a stop to producing original content until she is back in top shape. In a post on social media she explained:

Just wanna say a quick thanks for all the support so far! I will be doing some customs and more content and loads more selfies, taking note of what you are all requesting but obv right now I can't shoot with bandage round my face! Stick around - the good stuff is coming.

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A long history with plastic surgery

The controversial star has had a long history with various cosmetic procedures that have altered both her face and body. Though she has had many, she has voiced her distaste for the 'unnatural alien look' and claims to only seek to tweak imperfections. In an interview, she explained:

I’ve had full body lipo. I had some of my own fat put in my bum. It’s like a car—you have an MOT. If you get a scratch or a dent, you fix it, and that’s how I feel with my body. I’m not trying to look younger and I definitely don’t want that alien look - when people go over the top and look like freaks.
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