Katie Price has been accused of exploiting disabled son Harvey

Katie Price has been accused by social media users of exploiting disabled son Harvey Price ahead of nightclub appearance.

Acapulco nightclub in Halifax, West Yorkshire, have booked Katie Price and son Harvey Price, 19, for a meet and greet with club goers with the duo expected to be making a fee.

Is Katie Price being irresponsible?

The nightclub announced on their social media accounts that the glamour model and her disabled son will be making a personal appearance on 29 April. But this did not bode well with some users who claimed it is irresponsible from both Acapulco and Katie Price to subject Harvey to an environment not well-suited for someone who has autism and Prader-Willi Syndrome. People on the spectrum of autism often display hyper sensitivity to external stimuli which could only be amplified in places like nightclubs where there is an influx of noise, lights and people.

Other users went as far as to say that Katie Price was exploiting her child for her own personal gains. One source close to the celebrity commented:

It's definitely irresponsible from Katie. She'll have to be on the edge of her seat the whole night, as you just don't know how he's going to react with loud noises, doors banging, a lot of people, talking and lots of flashes and cameras.

Before adding:

He'll definitely be on edge. It will be hard for him to adjust to surroundings like that when he's so used to either being by himself or with just one other person.

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Response from Acapulco nightclub

As negative comments poured in on the nightclub's social media, owner of Acapulco, Simon Jackson, spoke to Halifax Courier to explain that precautionary measures would be taken to accommodate Harvey. He said:

Acapulco are providing Harvey with a secluded area and will do everything we possibly can to make sure Harvey feels comfortable, so he can enjoy the nightlife experience just like everyone else. We're looking forward to meeting him.
Katie Price slammed by fans for photoshopping picture of disabled son Harvey Katie Price slammed by fans for photoshopping picture of disabled son Harvey